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Automate Your Labor Process Today
Automate Your Labor Process Today
Flexible Part 
Feed Systems 
Flexible Part 
Feed Systems 
Feed Different Variations of Parts
Dedicated part feed systems have their place in the automation world, but when your manufacturing process requires the flexibility to feed different variations of parts, there is no substitute for a flexible part feed system from IDI.

Feed Different Variations 
of Parts

Dedicated part feed systems have their place in the automation world, but when your manufacturing process requires the flexibility to feed different variations of parts, there is no substitute for a flexible part feed system from IDI.
Get A Quote For a Customized 
Flexible Part 
Feed System
Fill out the form or call today to take the next step toward automating your labor process. We specialize in building customized solutions specific to your needs. An engineer is standing by to prepare a quote to show what your potential ROI can be.
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Flexible Part Feed System
Drastically Reduce Changeover Time
When changing over from one product to another, our flexible part feed systems drastically reduce changeover time and nearly eliminate any tooling that needs to happen. Bowl feeders, in particular, are notorious for being rigid and complicated to adjust.

Your people have to take time to make adjustments and change out parts before getting your systems back up and running again. When your feeder is on pause, so is your production line. When your production line is on pause, so are your profits. 
Take the pain out of mechanical changeover
Cut out this unnecessary, time-consuming, and expensive step with flexible parts feed systems that take the pain out of mechanical changeover and tooling. When your assembly line begins with intuitive technology, it sets you up for success throughout the rest of your production process.
Automate This Labor Process
Automating this labor process can mean substantial savings in the long run for your company. We've worked with many companies who at first thought they couldn't afford automation, but quickly realized they would save hundreds of thousands by implementing an automation system. 

It's worth your time to look into seeing how a customized automation solution from IDI can help your company. 
Our Performance Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

At Interactive Design, we stand behind the quality of our work. We work diligently with our customers to define the system requirements during the sales and engineering process. 

We'll Buy It Back 

Our systems will meet or exceed the agreed upon performance criteria or we will buy our system back.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Interactive Design?
Since 1987, we have been helping customers in a wide-range of industries improve their manufacturing process with the help of automation and robotics. We understand that reliable talent is tough to find, and harder to keep. Assembling parts can be a tedious, monotonous job. Inspecting products is subject to error, and takes a lot of time. Portions of your manufacturing floor may be downright dangerous to your valuable employees.

We solve all of these problems and more by using the latest in robotics and automation technology. Our machines can speed up any job, improve efficiency, and keep your people safe.
Does my company actually need automation or is there another answer?
Before we ever automate a process, we need to understand if automation is actually your best answer. In order to know whether or not Interactive Design can help you solve a real problem, and add value to your manufacturing process, we want to complete a consultation process. Here we will help you crunch the numbers and decide where your dollars are best spent.

If adding technology to your shop floor makes sense, we will move ahead with the process of designing your specific solution.
What if my problem is unique?
After 30 years in the business, we have solved a lot of problems. If your pain point falls in a common category, we likely have a solution we can replicate with small tweaks, getting your process flowing faster in no time.

Need a custom solution? We can do that too. In fact, a substantial part of our business involves creating customized solutions that are specific to your company. Our seasoned engineers love a good challenge. We like to think out-of-the-box and apply our technology to new situations.
What industries do you serve?
We have worked with companies in just about every industry you can think of: Automative, Consumer Products, Fabricated Metals, Food & Beverage, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Palletizing, Plastics Manufacturing, and many more.

How much will it cost?
Since we work so heavily on customized solutions, we aren't able to provide pricing upfront. Every client we work with is incredibly unique! 

After we chat, we'll ask for you to send some parts our way. Once we're able to get a feel for what you're needing, we'll get you an accurate quote. And remember our 100% guarantee. If it doesn't work, we'll buy it back.
It's time to take the next step toward automation
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